Why should Travelers use a Travel Advisor?


Most people would like expert advice on preparing for travel. As The Travel Institute reports, “travel agents know and work in the travel market and can find better deals for clients than the travelers possibly could do so themselves. Travel advisors are great advocates on behalf of their clients. Travelers fear that something could go wrong and wouldn’t know what to do to get their trip back on schedule, such as missed flights, trains, cancelled reservations.

For busy working people, time is valuable. Travelers are too busy to deal with all the details of travel: such as researching for best deals, making reservations, assuring there are transfers between hotel and airport, finding private tour guides, etc. Travelers want someone else to do it for them.

Travel advisors have relationships and resources clients can’t access or are unknown to the traveler. They can get upgrades for the travelers, a better airplane seat, get travelers ahead of lines and into a venue (such as in the Coliseum in Rome), provide opportunities for a better travel experience. Another reason to use travel advisors is when travelers belong to a group that travels together and need the professional to handle all the individual reservations of the group. And lastly, another reason is that some people have never traveled before and are too overwhelmed or don’t know where to start!

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